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Jeanne Le Ber, Angel of Ville-Marie

More than a Name of a Street or a School…

You may be familiar with the name Jeanne Le Ber since some Montreal streets, schools, an electoral riding and parks are named after her. But just how well do you know her?

A Young Woman's Devotion in Montreal

Were you aware that this young Montreal woman was born into a social class that would normally have prepared her for a life of comfort and for marriage? That she was destined to become a wealthy and notable heiress in New France? That she did not let herself be guided by social status, instead taking the time to discern God’s call to her? Did you know that, because of her love for Jesus present in the Eucharist, she courageously accepted a life that was unlike the religious vocations of her time? That the people of Montreal had such faith in her wisdom and her intercession that they named her the “Angel of Ville-Marie”? Were you familiar with the fact that Jeanne Le Ber was an artist who, throughout her life, used her great talent for the benefit of the Church? That her witness of faith has survived the centuries and that even today religious communities and believers around the world find inspiration in her charism? That when this “Person of the Eucharist” died she was recognized for her holiness and that it is still possible for us today to gather before her tomb located in Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel in Old Montreal?

Whatever your answers to the above questions, getting to know Jeanne Le Ber may help you to develop a spiritual connection with this brave, generous woman who was so devoted to Christ and who recognized, through the events in her life, her own unique vocation.

Jeanne Le Ber’s Intercession Today…

With regard to faith, our society, this modern-day Ville-Marie, has once again become a “missionary territory.” Because Christians today are seen as counter-cultural, it takes courage and an ever-growing love of God to witness to the faith. In this context, Jeanne Le Ber is a true source of inspiration and intercession.

Biography of Jeanne Le Ber

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