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News from Blessed Sacrament Province

Associate News

It was my honor to spend time with Sr. Nancy Roach, CND. For those of you who don’t know Sr. Nancy, she was the one responsible for introducing to the General Council the idea of the Congregation of Notre Dame having an Associate Relationship program. This was in 1979. The Council took the idea under consideration and at the next General Council meeting they agreed to initiate the program. The first associate made First Commitment in December 1981; she was from French Canada.

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The gospel that inspires me to live the spirituality of the visitation in my daily live is that of Saint Luke; 1; 26-45. “The angel went to her and said, greetings you are highly favored! The Lord is with you”, “at the time, Mary got ready and hurried to a town in the hill country of Judea, entered Zachariah’s home and greeted Elisabeth”.

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What does the Visitation mean to me in my daily life?

First, the word “Visitation” has two dimensions, namely to visit oneself and to visit the other (unknown).

To visit oneself: it is this movement that makes contact with the inner self, to be able to master and know oneself, to have a certain knowledge of oneself as much on the spiritual and human level as on the psychological level.

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News from Visitation Province

CTV Mass for Shut-Ins, Sunday, May 29, 2022

In celebration of the Feast of the Visitation May 31st and the 40th Anniversary of Associate Relationship, a special Mass for Shut-Ins was taped at our Lady of Fatima Church, Sydney River, N.S.

Father Bill Burke was the celebrant; Father Bedford Doucette did the welcome and introduction. Sister Gwen O'Neil, CND, read the first scripture passage, and the second reading and Prayers of the Faithful were read by Winnie Odo, Associate.

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“What does the Visitation mean to me in my daily life?”

How would you answer the following question: “What does the Visitation mean to me in my daily life?”

To answer this question, I see it in a first stage like in the mystery of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary to her cousin Elizabeth, whose Visitation is one of the mysteries connected to the Incarnation. When the Angel of the Lord brought the announcement to Mary, the same Angel informed Mary that her cousin was six months pregnant in her old age. 

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What Does the Visitation Mean to Me in My Daily Life?

The Visitation in my daily life means being very attentive to the calls of God to be able to share the richness with the neediest, to listen, or simply to be with simple people. I am sharing this photo because the Visitation touches me deeply. Here, we are on our way to visit an old woman who has been bedridden for eight years. This experience revives the spirit of Mary when she rushes to her cousin’s home. Today, I went out in haste, like Mary, to be with the simple people. Also, through my apostolate, I am more attentive to this type of Visitation daily. It makes me enter the depth of what the person is sharing and leads me to a beautiful encounter. I am able to pray for these people and help them with what is within my reach. All these experiences make me revive my spring fountain to give them the freshness of unconditional love.

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News from Visitation Province

Members of the Marguerite Bourgeoys Bursary committee were most grateful to have the opportunity to gather at de Sève residence for the first time in over two years. During our three-day meeting and more, we delighted in the warm welcome and care of each one in the community.

Participating in the ministry to those who yearn to make the world a kinder place and who need financial help to realize their dream of study is a blessing. We are also grateful to each of you for your prayer.

Sisters Mildred Chabassol, Phyllis Gallant, Maura McGrath, Donna McInnis & Eileen McQuaid

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News from Visitation Province

Holy Redeemer Convent Sydney, NS

Since 1998, the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame at Holy Redeemer Convent, have been ministering to cancer patients and also to patients requiring dialysis treatment.

We open our home to patients requiring affordable accommodations for the duration of their treatment. The patient time lines vary from one (1) week to thirty-eight (38) days.

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Update from the Border

News from the Border

Sr. Joan Lewis is currently in Douglas, a southern Arizona town adjacent to Agua Prieta. She sends news from the border.

Good Morning from Douglas,

Hope all is well as you begin a new week. Saturday night we had a sumptuous feast of Mexican food. Yesterday was a full day with a number of migrants being picked up and dropped off at the centre. I can't imagine the stress they experience. Some of the men arrived but not their wives. After about an hour they finally came. They don't stay long. Time to have something to eat and drink, get medical care if needed and they are on their way. There is a centre where they can stay over and have their meals. The centre hold 100 people. They stay for a couple of days and then attempt to cross again. As you see in one of the pictures a clear plastic bag with a change of clothes. is One woman had a knapsack and because it was heavy dropped it so she could run, trying to escape.  All her documents were in it.  I'm not sure I would have the courage and determination of these people. Most of them have phones, their only means of contact with their families. They take time to charge them while they are eating.

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News from Visitation Province

Tuesday, May 10th CND Associate Donna and Novice Christa met up with Sister Joan Lewis to leave for their two-week visitation to the Humanitarian Aid Center in Agua Prieta, Mexico. We pray for safe travels in your ministry experience.

Eleanor McCloskey, CND

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News from Visitation Province

Message from Joan Lewis and companions

Tuesday, May 10, Donna (Associate), Sr. Joan and Christa (Novice) will leave for a 2-week visitation to the Humanitarian Aid Center in Agua Prieta, Mexico.

During their zoom meeting to prepare for their journey, they were encouraged by these words, "God is making a way." In the spirit of these words, please pray for God's way for them and for those with whom they visit. They will also be praying in communion with you for the grace to see and receive how "God makes a way" in your own visitations.

Joan Lewis, CND

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A Chorus of Voices: Poetry Reading

Regina Bechtle, SC, Maryann Calabrese, CND, M. Doretta Cornell, RDC, Alice Feeley, RDC

Sunday, May 15, 2022

2:00 – 3:30 pm

Chapel of the Divine Compassion

52 No. Broadway

White Plains, NY 10603

Free and Open to the Public

Current Covid precautions will be observed

For additional information contact: alicefeeley@msn.com

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The Religious Sisters of Quebec: At the Heart of Science Education for Girls

Photo: Marie-Claire Dugas

The Marguerite Bourgeoys Historic Site is offering visitors a new exhibition called Nuns, Teachers and... Scientists! Stemming from a collaboration between the teams at Musée des Ursulines in Trois-Rivières and the Institution Muséale de Montréal, the installation highlights how the Ursuline sisters and the sisters of the Congrégation de Notre-Dame taught science to girls starting in the 19th century.

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40th Anniversary of CND Associate Relationship Bulletin

Congregational Leader: Sister Josephine Badali, CND

Happy 40th Anniversary of Associate Relationship!

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine used the phrase, Carriers of the Charism. I find that it expresses deeply just who is an Associate of the CND.

There is surely a great diversity that exists among Sisters and Associates through- out the Congregation. However, a gift that dwells within each of us and binds us together is the charism of St. Marguerite Bourgeoys.

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News From Visitation East Associates

Feast of the Visitation of Blessed Virgin Mary Tuesday May 31, 2022

On April 24th at Theresa’s home, Holy Angels and St. Theresa’s group held their monthly meeting. The meeting commenced by reading the Elements of Deepening 2021-2025. The highlight of this day was the Ritual of Welcome for our newest journeying candidate Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a parishioner of St. Theresa’s parish. She is a Eucharist Minister, altar server and she brings many gifts to the Associate Relationship.

Dianne presented Elizabeth with a journal and the Marguerite Bourgeoys’ book: “Brave Beginnings”. Reflection was shared on the book “The Seed that Became a Garden”. Our group joined together wishing Dianne a Happy Birthday.

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News from Blessed Sacrament Province

Honor, Respect, and Protect our Common Home in the Spirit of Marguerite

On Sunday, April 3, about 80 Sisters and Associates participated in a second session of “Living Out Our Orientation Together” hosted by the Associate Sustainability Committee. Facilitator Sr. Kathleen Deignan, CND led an enlightening and empowering Zoom conversation. Here are some highlights..

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Thy Will Be Done

"I am the handmaid of the Lord.

Be it done to me according to your word" (Luke 1: 37-38)

She stands a woman of courage open and receptive I hear her words "THY WILL BE DONE"

These words open for Mary a life which she could never have imagined; one blessed with happiness as well as a life of great sorrow.

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Unbelieving, Slow Of Heart

As I reflect on the post Easter readings I question with whom do I identify?

Am I Mary Magdalene crying at the empty tomb looking for Jesus and asking:

Where have you put him"?

Do I hear a gentle compassionate voice asking: "Women, why are you crying"?

To whom do I express my needs, my concerns?

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Les Voyages

There were many things I wondered about during my 3-month journey in Montreal.

Violaine has shared many photos of our visitations that taught me the CND sisters do many things with love, joy, and great courage because they live life with our Lord, just like Marguerite did.

Here are some photos that will show you more people who also taught me that so that I might be able to do all that I wondered about and more.

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