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News from Japan

''We continue to abide with our loving God and all the people of Japan who are being held in eternal loving arms...''

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Gathered Gifted Giving

The general chapter directions for a vocation culture call each one of us to connect in some real way with a young person. These Gifted young women and men are looking for mentors, people to talk about questions of faith and of Church.

Why not contact your parish or diocesan youth minister and see if we CNDs can help sponsor a young person for this weekend?

Gathered Gifted Giving event
on May 26-29 2011,
at the Motherhouse


Fight Human Trafficking of Young Women

More than 200 members of the religious and academic communities came together on March 26 at Fordham University to help combat local trafficking of girls for the sex trade. “Human Trafficking of Young Women” was a joint effort between Fordham and the Coalition of Religious Congregations to Stop Trafficking of Persons (NY-CRC-STOP), a 5,000-strong collective of religious groups that advocate against a lucrative illegal business that lures vulnerable girls into a world of prostitution from which they may never escape.

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