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Synod on the Family

Remembering the Holy Family as our model, let us recall their marginalization.

Like so many, the Holy family, too encountered ridicule for being different.

In remembering them, help us to lift up and celebrate all loving families. May we be generous in spirit, compassion, forgiveness and love.

In celebration of all the diverse forms of love that embody family life today, let us pray in gratitude

We pray, God, with our siblings in faith for all families…

For LGBT families. Families of various abilities. Interracial families. Families of multiple faiths. Single parent families. Families of religious communities. Blended and adoptive families. Traditional families. Multicultural families.

For these and all the communities of love in your worldwide church, Let us pray for greater increase in love amongst our global community.

For all the ways we are family to each other, we pray. Amen.

This inclusive family prayer from the Catholic reform group Call to Action in collaboration with members of the Catholic Organizations for Renewal lifts up and celebrates all loving families in our church. Please join in praying with all Catholic families as we faithfully live our lives following the Synod on the Family.


Vocation-Formation Resource Team

The Vocation-Formation Resource Team met the weekend of October 23-25 at Holy Redeemer Convent in Sydney where Maritime hospitality was at its best.

The group spent much time sharing on the question: Where are we in Visitation Province with regard to the question of vocation ministry? Needless to say, the group could only answer this question with their limited knowledge, but they did raise some concerns and questions.

Comments sometimes heard when vocation ministry is the topic are:

  • We have no contact with young people;
  • We are an aging group, should we be accepting young people at this time?
  • Young people are so conservative; we are not there. 

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The Governance Committee continues to work with and for all of us. Below is a reminder of what was asked of the newly elected team at our 2013 Chapter.

“We, the Chapter Delegates of Visitation Province, invite the Leadership Team to engage us in a communal process of exploration and dialogue in order to develop organic expressions of leadership suitable to our needs at this time. We wish this process to begin as soon as possible and to be implemented as new expressions emerge.”

Over the past year the committee has invited us to dialogue with each other and will continue to do so this year and next. We will be reminded to look at our needs for the future in light of our demographics and risk making suggestions regarding the choosing of our Governance Model.

We are encouraged to get involved and respond to the information coming from the committee.

At the ATRI Conference in September the guest speaker was Sr. Lynn Levo, CSJ. The following is a quote from the introduction to her session:

“We live and minister in a time of chaos, endings and the unknown. We have an opportunity to dream, to wake up and create new ways of being – to create a preferred future. The choice is ours.” 

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