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In January 2009, Capt. Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger (Tom Hanks) made an emergency landing in the Hudson River in New York after a flock of geese crippled his plane in flight. We remember this event; the landing was successful and all of the 155 passengers and crew survived. This movie is about the after-events, and the way we can be quick to second-guess motives and decisions and slow to recognize a selfless act for what it is. Tom Hanks is an excellent Sully. 

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News from The Small Plot

On Monday afternoon, we gathered at The Small Plot in Three Brooks where we were welcomed by Sisters Mary Corbett and Becky McKenna. After a short prayer, Becky proceeded to review the Chapter process with us through words and pictures.

The exchange that took place among the sisters at Chapter provided a richness which made all of us proud to belong to this gathering of women. A further proof of this was obvious in the smooth flowing of the election process resulting in the election of a gifted group of women. Our heart and prayer accompanies them as they embark on this onerous undertaking.

After socializing and enjoying a delicious lunch, we were sent on our way with a bag of garden fresh vegetables and a bottle of jam, all the product of their hard work! 

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Ice and Sky

A must-see movie produced by Luc Jacquet (March of the Penguins) which recounts the story of Glaciologist Claude Lorius who volunteered to go on a trip to Antarctica at the age of 23 and now, at 82, is retracing the steps of his many journeys that followed. His inquisitive, scientific mind recognized that, the presence of air bubbles in the ice cubes of his drink he was enjoying after a hard day in the extreme cold, had a profound significance. Thus began his journey into the depths of the polar ice fields gathering data and making the connection between the presence of air bubbles and the impact of human activity on earth’s climate over thousands of years. It is a powerful, fascinating story.

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