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Entrance into the Novitiate

On February 10, Candidate Satoko Sasano was given permission to become a novice by our Leader Sister Josephine Badali and the members of her Council.

On March 19 Satoko became a novice


Called to be Easter People: I Have Risen and I am with You Still (Entrance Antiphon, Easter Sunday)

…with all of you who have journeyed together as an e-mail community during these weeks

    of Lent

And now, we are called to be Easter People.

This is the day God has made; let us rejoice and be glad!    ♫  Alleluia! Alleluia!

This psalm response for Easter Sunday invites us to be filled with the newness of life and joy

that bursts forth within us and around us as we welcome and celebrate the risen Christ.

How will I (we) Easter this year?

~Will I join in the Church’s extended celebration of the Easter season, welcoming the  appearances of Jesus as he revealed himself to his followers as he desires to reveal himself  to me?

~Will I linger with Mary Magdalen as she moves through her experience of loss and hopelessness over Jesus’ death to anxiety over the disappearance of his body from the tomb and to the unimaginable moment of surprise and joy in hearing Jesus call her by name? Can I find events in my own faith journey leading me from suffering and/or loss to the moments when Jesus has called/is calling me by name with special graces?

~Will I take up Jesus’ plea, “Go and tell the others ” who today are living … in fear, in violence, in hunger or homelessness, in family struggles, in loneliness, etc., so they too may come to know the peace that only he can give?

~How will the renewal of my baptismal promises this year strengthen my commitment to live   the Gospel message?

~Will I allow myself to experience and accept the power of Christ present in my life?

~Will I urge him as did the disciples of Emmaus to “stay with us,”? …with me? …within me?

~Will there be a new awakening in me as I recognize him in the breaking of the bread?

Gracious God, help us to live as Easter People. Gift us with the joy, the peace, the presence of      the Risen Christ that awakens in me new life, and in others the desire, “I want what you have.”


♫   Alleluia!    ♫ Alleluia!    ♫ Alleluia


Shalom!  Happy Easter!     Sr Marilyn Doucette,  West Haven, CT


Development and Peace Meeting at St Marguerite Parish, Sydney

Tara Hurford, animator for Development & Peace

On Saturday January 24th Gerald and I attended a Development & Peace (D&P) Workshop hosted by Fr. Bill Burke, Pastor of St. Marguerite Bourgeoys Parish in Sydney NS. We felt blessed to meet the new animator for D&P, Tara Hurford, who helped open our eyes to some of the marginalization that exists in the Philippines, Brazil and Nigeria. Although small in number, we were big in spirit from parts of Antigonish County to Lingan, Cape Breton, and areas in between. The people of Tacloban in the Philippines have suffered severely from Typhoon Haiyan where most now live in tents that grow stifling under the hot sun where they face forced displacement by the government. D&P has partnered with Urban Poor Associates (UPA) where the women have formed the Yolanda Survivors Women’s Association and are producing gardens where they are able to grow stronger and can see that by working together they can create a better future. Maria of Brazil is helping her people rise above land owners who promise work on large plantations only to find themselves forced to work long hours for scant wages. Through the work of D&P who have partnered with Pastoral Land Commission, Brazilians have reached out to bring awareness of workers’ rights. Maria felt that their eyes have been opened in fact they realize that their employers will only respect them when he knows that they are aware of their rights. Samuel of Nigeria, a poultry farmer was given an opportunity to participate in several training sessions through D & P and is now versed in bookkeeping, veterinary skills and management; in addition, he was able to secure a loan that helped him diversify his activities. His stock of 300 birds, now numbers 700. We were very encouraged by the awareness of the workshop and feel that this would be something our Foundress would be passionate about and would want us to be involved in!

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