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Resilient Aging: Spirituality and Story in Later Life

Recently we were treated to a presentation by a local professor who specializes in narrative gerontology. Dr. Bill Randall explained how each phase of life has developmental tasks for us: we learn to walk, to speak, to read, to make decisions, to be responsible, etc. In our later years, narrative tasks are important and helpful, even essential to our wellness. He uses the term narra-care in inviting us to review our lives, to remember, rejoice, reconcile, and to recycle the wisdom stories that are uniquely our own. Reflecting on our own story is an implicitly spiritual process since it can deepen our sense of purpose and meaning, widen our sense of self and of God, stir up our gratitude and enhance our inner resilience in everyday living. We learned a lot in an hour!

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Presentation on Marguerite Bourgeoys

On June 11, 2019 Rosemary McGhee gave a beautifully researched and delivered presentation on Marguerite Bourgeoys. She situated Marguerite historically and socially in the 1700s in France and the larger world.

She captured Marguerite's spirituality and her mission. She helped us realize and understand the many struggles which Marguerite faced in living out her dream. It was an amazing experience to hear someone tell our story. Hopefully before our 400th anniversary is over more of you will have the opportunity to hear Rosemary.

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Climate Change

At a recent meeting, Sister Mary Corbett, CND, guest presenter, using Laudato Sí’ as a framework, explored some critical issues around climate change. While exploring the contamination and evaporation of water, Mary strongly emphasized that access to life-giving water is an essential right for all life forms. She stated that the hydrological cycle (water cycle) of the planet is a closed cycle. There is not a limitless supply of water. “Our present levels of water pollution, stated Mary,” “harm the hydrological system, are unsustainable and put all life forms on the planet in peril.” Several times throughout her presentation, Mary asked: “What are we leaving for the next generations to come and for all life forms?” Moving from this painful reality into a more contemplative mode, Mary presented some magnificent pictures of the Earth taken from Space. She also shared the Astronauts’ profound statements about their experience of viewing Earth from Space.

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