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Great East Japan Earthquake Tomoshibi Kai

Sakura no Seibo Sponsorship Program: Outline


The Congregation de Notre Dame School Corporation and the Congregation de Notre Dame Religious Corporation have set up a sponsorship program. It has as its purpose the healthy upbringing of children who have lost their parents in the Great East Japan Earthquake. Our objective is to use the facilities of Sakura no Seibo Gakuin Kindergarten, Elementary School, Junior High School, Senior High School and Junior College of the Congregation de Notre Dame School Corporation to educate these children who are to build the future of Fukushima and of Japan. It is our earnest hope that they may find meaning in their lives and develop strength of will, courage and love to contribute to the transformation of society as genuine persons of character.

  1. 両親・親族を失い、生活の基盤をなくした子ども達に家庭という温かい生活環境を斡旋します。
    For children who have lost their parents or guardians and have no means of livelihood, we intend to provide the environment of a warm family life.
    • 受け入れる子どもは男女を問いませんが、中学生以上は女子のみとなります。
      This program is available to both boys and girls in the early grades. However, from junior high school onwards we receive only girls.
    • 当面は10組の受け入れを目指しています。
      We will begin by providing care for 10 students.
  2. 桜の聖母学院幼稚園・小学校・中学校・高等学校及び短期大学の入学金・授業料を免除し、社会に貢献できる人になるよう教育の機会を提供します。
    These students will be exempt from paying entrance fees and tuition for Sakura no Seibo Kindergarten, Elementary School, Junior High School, Senior High School, and Junior College. We hope to provide them with an education that will enable them to become persons who can make a contribution to society.
  3. 保護者を失った子ども達と受け入れてくださるご家庭の円満な生活に対する様々な相談に対応します。
    For the emotional well-being of the children who have lost their parents/guardians and of the families who care for them, we will offer various opportunities for consultation.
  4. 受け入れてくださるご家庭への資金援助(月額8万円)をします。
    80,000 yen per month will be allotted as a support fund to the families who receive these children.

In addition, for this project we earnestly ask the warm support and cooperation of everyone in the following appeal.

  1. 里親として受け入れてくださるご家庭を募集いたします。詳細は下記の連絡先へお問い合わせください。
    We are making an appeal for foster homes for these children. For particulars, kindly inquire at the address given on the back of this folder.
  2. 里親となられたご家庭への生活支援資金に対する寄付金を募集いたします。別紙の寄付金募集要項によりますが、詳細は下記の連絡先へお問い合わせください。
    We are soliciting financial donations to help the families who have become sponsors. A separate sheet outlines the main details concerning the fund-raising, but for further information, contact the address on the back of this folder.

Sakura no Seibo Sponsorship Program: Appeal for Donations


Sakura no Seibo Gakuin had its beginnings with the education of war orphans after world War II. We are returning to our origins, and even in severe financial conditions, in each section of Sakura no Seibo Gakuin earthquake and tsunami orphans will be exempted from entrance fees and tuition. Moreover, as financial help to families who receive children who have lost parents or family members, this sponsorship program will provide a grant of \80,000 per month as a support fund for their living expenses. At first we want to begin with about ten students, so our financial aim will be about \10,000,000 for a year. Moreover, we estimate that this will be a long-term project lasting about 20 years until the children become adults and go into the world as worthy citizens of their local society.


Therefore, we seek your support for the inauguration and continuation of this sponsorship program, and your wholehearted cooperation as we solicit donations for the children who will need our help for their living expenses over a long period of time.

Amount of donation

1 募金金額年間1口5,000円

1 unit of 5,000 yen yearly


* It would be appreciated if you could give more than 1 unit.


* We earnestly hope for the support of those who can make a yearly contribution.

Range of soliciting


Individuals and corporations



For financial transfers, please use the following bank account:

留意事項 本会は現段階では任意団体ですので、寄付でお願いいた金に対する税制上の優遇措置を受けることができません。あらかじめご了解の上で、ご支援をお願いいたします。

N.B. At the present stage this Association is a voluntary group,(not a registered charity) and so a form for tax exemption cannot be issued. We ask for your support and understanding in advance.

Inquiries may be sent to the following address:

桜の聖母学院 法人事務局
電話 024-531-6805
FAX 024-534-8891
E-mail s-soko@ssg.ac.jp
担当 齋藤 桑子

Contact person: Ms. Soko Saito
Great East Japan Earthquake Tomoshibi Kai Head Office
(Sakura no Seibo Gakuin School Corporation Office)
3-6 Hanazono-cho, Fukushima City 960 – 8585
Tel.: 024 – 531 – 6805
Fax: 024 – 534 – 8891
E-mail: s-soko@ssg.ac.jp

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